Beginning of the Week Inspiration

I’ve posted about the benefits of yoga before…seems about time for another.  It was such a nice weekend, I decided to head outside to do some simple poses to re-energize myself. I think most people can agree that any time you exercise, you feel so much better, both physically and psychologically.  It got me thinking, what if each one of these poses could be done to prepare you for what you are facing at any given point throughout the week.

For example, Warrior I


I’d use this pose to strengthen myself mentally for the week ahead.


Warrior II


Doing this pose reminds me of Neo in the Matrix Revolutions, beckoning Agent Smith to fight him.  Seems like a good middle of the week pose… bring it, Wednesday!

Tree pose

And finally, a Friday pose.  After all the chaos that comes with the work week, it’s time to re-balance, breathe deep, and enjoy the weekend.

Happy Monday, Everyone!




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  1. Espirational says:

    Love yoga — it changed my life.

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